Web-project development

Any web project allows its owner to get the clear benefits of the view own project to its potential customers. Here are just the most important of these benefits:

New User Engagement Tool.


Even the "abandoned" website itself has 1-2 new visitors a day, that's 365-730 new people a year who will get information about your project.

Company image.

Nowadays, web design is almost mandatory. Working without your own website is like going to business meetings without business cards.

Virtual office that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Where else, besides the website, you can find up-to-date information about the company, its products and the services it offers at any time.

Corporate web solutions.

A corporate web portal makes it a user-friendly and functional tool for accessing a company's corporate resources from anywhere in the world, allowing you to work effectively outside your own office.

ABK-Technologies company has been working in the market of various web projects development since 2006 complexity and offers its clients a wide range of services related to setting up their own representative office on the World Wide Web. We have extensive experience in creating web projects of varying complexity from business card websites to full-fledged information and functional web portals. Our clients include both commercial and government entities. Read more about the projects implemented in the Portfolio section.

We offer.

In order for your company website to be created according to all rules and regulations and fulfilling the functions assigned to it, ABK-Technologies offers a complex of services in design, creation, technical and media support of web projects:

  • our analysts will conduct a professional analysis that will develop the right strategy for the creation and further development of your web project;
  • designers will choose a stylistic decision, based on the analysis, the scope of your company, as well as its positioning in the market;
  • technicians will design and create a web project based on the concept developed;
  • we also offer full technical support for your web project.


Our specialists have all the latest technologies for the implementation of web projects, among them HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Flash, Flex, AS1, AS2, CSS, Ajax, WEB-2.0.

Node JS
Bootstrap 4
Semantic UI

Step-by-step development.

We offer a step-by-step approach to implementing web projects that allows to minimize the risks of the project, improve the quality of communication on the project. Namely:

  • Initial evaluation, drafting and approval of the proposal for implementation;
  • Production and approval of graphic design layouts of the main pages;
  • Programming;
  • Testing and debugging;
  • Demonstration of a working version of the project to the customer;
  • Refinement of the project based on the received customer comments;
  • Primary filling of information materials;
  • Training in administration;
  • Starting a project;
  • Support.

Our portfolio