Services of the SAB member

ABK-Technologies is a member of the Business Union Automation Association (SAB), bringing together business automation professionals, that use modern software and platforms for business process automation, including BAS and 1C:Enterprise software and services, etc.


SAB members are actively involved in the development of business automation programs, improving the quality of services and services of information and technological support of users (ITS), in increasing the competencies of specialists and users.

The SAB monitors the quality of the services provided by the participants a single system of standards for quality of work and promotion of services in the field of automation.

As a member of the Business Automation Union, ABK Technologies:

  • provides assistance in the optimal choice of software for enterprise automation;
  • sells and delivers business automation software;
  • conducts installation, setup and implementation of business automation software;
  • performs after-sales service of products including consulting and training of users;
  • supplies IT support to business automation products;

Services within the SAB membership are a separate activity on complex automation of business processes and accounting at the enterprise.

This service includes:

  • systematization and formalization of business processes at the enterprise;
  • determination of the optimal accounting model of the enterprise;
  • preparation of the project and technical task of automation and its coordination with the customer;
  • development of a fully functional automated system;
  • delivery, implementation and testing of the developed system, personnel training;
  • after-sales warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the system;

ABK Technologies also develops its own products on the platform 1C:Enterprise and BAS - specialized configurations.


The projects are implemented on the basis of the BAS technological platform and typical solutions with their customization to the specific needs of the customer..

ABK-Technology as a member of the Business Automation Union (SAB) is dedicated to a separate web resource for the company -

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